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The day isn’t far when Optimus Research Lab will be featured as a world-leading company in the Healthcare sector. As our manufacturing units, we provide products from 3rd party. We, Third Party Manufacturers in India are helping distributors and companies to have an advance by providing very high-quality third-party manufacturing.

Since we consider quality a ‘precious segment,’ so that’s why most of our products are manufactured by our faithful vendors ‘special manufacturing units. Under their top-standard supervision, we bring out perfection in every product. We provide Third Party Manufacturing in India for Ayurvedic Herbal Products, Cosmetic Products, and many more. We never manufacture superior quality products individually, but we trust some reliable partners, and it’s because of their collaboration, we’re flourishing beautifully in this industry.



Manufacturing, Private Labelling and Turn-Key Services
We have manufactured around 2000+ Products under different Private Labels and have a global footprint.
We offer uniquely customised and personalised services to all our domestic and international customers.


We always endeavor to come up with innovative ideas that raise our proficiency to battle various life-threatening issues decisively. Our revolutionary solution has enormous potential to beat the challenging phases of life. Also, we focus on timely operations and ensure speedy action, so our product reaches the end door on time.

Business Verticles

Our quality efforts witness our excellence in the production line. We’re experts in our work that easily reflects in our services, as we endeavor to deliver the best product at a flexible price. Every day we set a new milestone of success, as we’ve unleashed a new era in which living a healthy life will no longer be difficult.


Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are therapeutic remedies derived from plants, herbs, roots, flowers, and other natural sources, used to prevent, alleviate, or treat various ailments and health conditions. These medicines rely on the medicinal properties of botanical extracts, which have been traditionally used for centuries across diverse cultures. Herbal remedies encompass a wide spectrum of forms, including teas, tinctures, capsules, powders, and topical applications, delivering active compounds that can have physiological effects on the body.

Nutraceuticals Medicines

Nutraceuticals are a hybrid category of products that combine the elements of both nutrition and pharmaceuticals, providing health benefits beyond basic nutrition. These substances are derived from food sources or contain naturally occurring compounds that offer potential medicinal or therapeutic properties. Nutraceuticals include dietary supplements, fortified food products, herbal products, vitamins, minerals, and various natural or synthetic compounds known for their health-promoting effects.


Sports Nutrition

We manufacture nutritional products and supplements specifically designed to support the nutritional needs of athletes and active individuals. These products can include protein powders, energy bars, sports drinks, and various supplements that are formulated to help athletes optimize their performance, promote recovery, and maintain overall health. 

Nutraceuticals Supplements

Nutraceutical supplements are a subset of nutraceuticals designed to complement a person's diet with specific nutrients or bioactive compounds that offer potential health benefits beyond basic nutrition. These supplements come in various forms, including capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, and bars, and typically contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, or other dietary ingredients.


FDA Cosmetics

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) oversees the regulation of cosmetics in the United States. Cosmetics, as defined by the FDA, encompass a broad range of products used to cleanse, beautify, alter appearance, or promote attractiveness without affecting the body's structure or functions. These products include skincare items, makeup, perfumes, hair dyes, and more.

Herbal Cosmetics

Herbal cosmetics are beauty products made predominantly from plant-derived ingredients, utilizing the therapeutic properties of various herbs, botanical extracts, and natural resources. These cosmetics are formulated without the use of synthetic or chemical additives, prioritizing organic and naturally occurring elements.

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